Thursday, March 21, 2013

new york // brooklyn

It was my second time in New York, but my first time in Brooklyn. It's interesting because it's still just as multicultural and full of all different types of people as Manhattan is, but it's somehow less crowded and crazy. We had dinner at this little Italian restaurant recommended to us my nine-year-old second cousin and I enjoyed feeling fancy eating cheeses paired with figs even though I was really just wearing jeans and my track sweatshirt.

It was super cold and uncomfortable walking around but it was all very interesting and the view from the hotel was rather gorgeous. It seems so far away now...


  1. Oh my girl!!! You did such an amazing job on these!!!

  2. These photos give me such a bad case of wanderlust! We stayed in Brooklyn when we visited New York City this summer and I absolutely adored it. I'm vowing now that next time we visit, we'll have to spend more time in Brooklyn. Beautiful photos! :)


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