Monday, June 04, 2012

camping is intense

(And in tents. Okay, sorry, I totally stole Claudia's joke and probably made it less funny.)

This past weekend my family went camping with my sister's Girl Scout troop. I haven't been camping in a while. Overall, I had fun, but there are a few things I would change next time. Namely, I would remember to bring a pillow and I would not go camping in Texas in June when it's about a hundred degrees.

We camped near the lake. The sunset both nights was spectacular. It's just so much prettier with the water.

On Saturday we went ziplining. It was terrifying but also really exhilarating, hanging in the air, a few hundred feet above ground. There were five different segments, I guess, and right before I would always get so nervous but the actual zipping was so fast that I don't really remember thinking much of anything except for admiring the view. It was pretty incredible.

It wasn't all fun and games, though. The bathroom was probably half a mile away and it had this charming quality wherein there would be one stall that was out of order and the other stall would have this freaky spider and then you would be in that stall with the spider and then the lights would turn off. Bugs are probably the worst thing about nature, to be honest. The only thing scarier than noticing a bug on the inside of your closed tent is looking again and not seeing it there. *shudders*

So, that's what I did this weekend. I also read Tina Fey's book in its entirety one afternoon. Only I picked it up in the middle, read until the end, and then started back at the beginning.

I can't begin to explain why I do the things I do.


  1. "I can't begin to explain why I do the things I do."

    Truer words have never been spoken. Beautiful pictures! :)

  2. Your photography is amazing!

  3. hahaha I love that pun. ;) and that sunrise is sooo gorg hun!! (: great job.


  4. loving the second photo! it's all beautiful, darling.

  5. Love the pics Kendall! :)



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