Wednesday, May 30, 2012

summer list

It's summer! After one period of Nutella, arm-wrestling, and Finding Nemo, and another one of my Pre-Cal final, I'm finally free. I've been brainstorming things I want to do this summer for several weeks now. I probably won't get to do everything but, you know, I like making lists.
  • go ziplining
  • see the bats on the bridge
  • take lots of pictures (digital & film)
  • swim, duh
  • go to a roller derby bout
  • go bowling
  • write some letters 
  • turn 16
  • have a birthday party?
  • redecorate my bedroom a bit
  • get my driver's permit finally
  • go the movies
  • do art
  • (but avoid crafts at all costs (crafts are evil))
  • karaoke
  • go kayaking 
  • bake lots of delicious sweets
  • cook some healthy vegetarian meals
  • be vegan for a week?
  • watch movies on my to-watch list
  • read lots of books (old ones + new ones)
  • get better at Photoshop
  • watch the Olympics
  • go on the roof
  • sleep outside
  • watch fireworks
  • go out to breakfast/brunch
  • get snow cones
  • catch up w/ TV shows
  • babysit
  • write a lot of words
  • see a play at Zilker
  • go to Dairy Queen and Sonic and other places with drive-thrus and milkshakes because that is pretty much the epitome of summer
  • walk around downtown (totally just wrote "downton")
  • have a picnic
  • go camping
  • stay up obscenely late because I can
  • just get out of the house and see people and do things because if I stay cooped up in here with my family I will go certifiably insane
  • oh yeah and BLOG lots!


  1. love your list; it's very to write mine! (:


  2. Kendallita! Roller derby is this Saturday! El problema es que yo necesito trabajar en el combate. Pero, yo trabajo para sola una hora.

    1. Pues no es una problema porque yo no puedo ir este sabado. Un tiempo diferente, posiblemente?

  3. Have a birthday party pleeeeease. Otherwise what will I do with your presents? And I know we've probably both recognized this, but our lists are very similar, thus we should do multifarious things together.

  4. In no particular order:

    Crafts ARE evil, art is beautiful. Kayaking is enjoyable. Ziplining is terrifying. Driving = freedom, 16 = sweet.
    Have a nice summer.

  5. Very nice list! I like making lists, too, even if not everything gets crossed off. :P Turning sixteen, getting my permit, making more art, and getting out more with friends are definately on my summer to-do list as well. :)

  6. Great list, very inspiring!
    I should also try to write one...

  7. Congrats on summer! I'm so jealous! ;)


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