Monday, May 07, 2012

and the countdown begins.

There's something like sixteen days left of school (not including weekends). I woke up this morning with a deep desire never to go back again. So I thought up this list. Here's how I plan on surviving until summer comes.

1. Stock up on essentials: mint gum, tea, and brownie-cookie-mix are all vital for any attempt at concentration.

2. Listen to some upbeat, happy music to feel motivated. Now is not the time to be listening to sad songs! Maybe in a few weeks, after I see the grade for my chemistry final, but right now I need something empowering. Or at least something that doesn't make me want to cry. Right now, I'm loving Marina and the Diamonds. All her songs make me feel like I can do ANYTHING.

3. On that note, classical and instrumental music is really soothing and nice to listen to while you do homework. I like to browse 8tracks for mellow mixes. Here are a few good ones you should definitely listen to: Of House-Elves and Children's Tales, Most Beautiful Songs in the World (part II), & Constellations. So beautiful.

4. Paint your nails or do your hair or anything to make you feel ~pretty~! Just, uh, don't paint your nails on top of your math textbook, because, um, not good.

5. Stay away from people or conversations that make you feel stressed. People who freak out about every little assignment tend to make me start to worry as well, and that is not a feeling I like, so I try to avoid them or change the subject when at all possible. (I am a ninja at this. Except for when I am really loudly obvious and just say things like, "Shut up, nobody cares about what you got on the Pre-Cal quiz, let's talk about something else.") (Which works, too.)

6. Find a good way to unwind at the end of the day, provided it's not too late. I like to watch an episode or two (or ten if it's The Office) of TV in bed. It makes me happy. But do not stay up until, like, 2 AM watching TV on school nights. Bad idea.

7. Make a list of things to do in the summer. I have one in the works and thinking about it makes me excited.

Also, I would add 'don't procrastinate' on there but that would just be so hypocritical and also pointless so I'm not going to do that.


  1. haha I love this considering I could really use it right around now!

  2. So instead of making my own list, I'm just going to go with yours, since they would pretty much be identical anyway. Also, because I'm lazy and upbeat music suits me now. And your advice about television... Spot on. Remind me a few times this week, lest I get caught up in Merlin for extended periods of time.

  3. "Also, I would add 'don't procrastinate' on there but that would just be so hypocritical and also pointless so I'm not going to do that." Yes. Just yes. Love the list!

  4. You know what else helps you become less stressed?


  5. This is spot-on. Except, I have four weeks left, and then a week half-term break, and then school until almost the end of July. That, Kendall, is seventy four days (including weekends, etc) and unfair.

  6. Hey, random, but do you have a tumblr?

    1. Hahahahahaha. It's pretty much my life. I just don't like to put the link on this blog. :)

  7. This is awesome, it's great to do things like this to stay focused :)

  8. this is basically the non-official list of my days. thank you for putting it into such frank words. ;)


  9. This totally helps me. New music really does help me get through those assignments that make me want to hurl, and that just drain my brain of all substance.
    You can do it!!

    Liz B


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