Saturday, August 18, 2012

of birthdays and other days

So, most of the pictures from my birthday party didn't turn out, but that's okay. You can still see my cake in one happy, colorful digital shot and one very dark, grainy film shot. It had a lot of candles and was extremely delicious. (I used this recipe, for those interested! I highly recommend it.)

That was last Friday. This Friday (being yesterday) I went to my friend's sixteenth birthday party. It was downtown at a club and we had to dress up and everything. There was dancing and seeing people I hadn't seen all summer and lots of balloons. Not my natural habitat, as I said a few times last night, but I had fun. Oh, and there was cake. 

It's raining now, as I write this. It's perfect timing, actually, because it gave me the chance to go running by the lake and to the farmer's market this morning, back when it was sunny. Now the sky is dark and the trees are swaying in the wind and I hear thunder in the distance. We don't have enough of these days here, but when we do get them, you better believe I enjoy it. I think I'll go curl up with a book or some TV reruns. Adios.


  1. That film picture is gorgeous. There's something strangely beautiful about terrible grainy photos, and that is no exception.
    Happy very belated birthday to you, and happy sorta-belated birthday to your friend.

  2. ditto libby. really, her comment is beast. so i'm just saying what she said.

  3. Those two photos actually look really good. I guess that's the risk with film cameras though.
    You'd love it down in Aus then, that seems to be the only weather we're getting, can't wait to see the sun again.
    Oh and happy birthday :)

  4. honestly, I love dark and grainy photos. they have a slight mystery to them, I think. they're utter perfecton.

    ya know what? I pretty much just echoed what Libby said. eh, just be like Jocee and ditto Libby. :P


    [p.s. - happy belated birthday.]

  5. can i just ditto everybody? lol, this was great. happy belated birthday!

  6. happy late birthday!!!
    ps: we're hosting a surprise painting giveaway on our blog this week - you're invited!


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