Tuesday, July 17, 2012

barcelona (spain p. 4)

We took the train from Madrid in to Barcelona on Sunday. After settling into our apartments, we walked around La Rambla, this "tree-lined pedestrian mall" (according to Wikipedia). It was one of those places we went back to many times during the duration of our stay.

We went to this indoor market (la boqueria). I guess it's famous or popular because it was so crowded. It was cool, though, except for the parts that smelled like fish and had lamb heads. They also had lots of sweets, like some unique candies and multiple flavors of ice cream. My grandpa got the Kinder flavor. Bless.

What a sweet child.

Chris Columbus? Is that you? (It is.)

Ever since I did like 45 art projects last year on birds I have really been drawn to them. Look at that motion! The artistry in those wings! Yeah, wow, okay, I'll stop. 

They fell in right after I took this.
(No, they didn't.) 
(Also, no...I do not know them. Awkz.)

La Rambla goes out to the water (the Mediterranean Sea!) so we went on a little boat ride around the harbor.

Next time, I'll talk about my visit to La Sagrada Familia. I still have a lot of pictures, so hopefully you aren't getting bored!

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