Thursday, July 05, 2012

america is gr8

The Fourth of July is probably my fourth favorite holiday. Maybe because it's in the summer and it evokes something wild and carefree or maybe because I am secretly patriotic and sentimental about this old country here. I really do love America. I mean, there are lots of things wrong with it, sure, but it's come a long way and, anyway, there's definitely no place like home. And America will always be home.

We went to the parade in the morning and the little girl I babysit gave me a box of Nerds and I got a free breakfast taco, so I'd say that was a success. Then I came home and made a raspberry cobbler and also watched 8 episodes of Parks & Rec because that is a pretty American show, right?

 My family and some of our neighbors drove to my dad's office building so we could watch the fireworks from the roof there. We weren't the only ones with that idea.

 I have to say, photographing fireworks -- the ones that are kinda far away -- was so frustrating. It's just so dark that the shutter speed has to be slow but then it's so shaky and ahhhh. I think I got better pictures with my point and shoot in Disneyland than last night. Whatever. They still look pretty, and I don't really care. 

Anyway, I'm leaving you again tomorrow for Florida. I'll be at camp until...the 14th, I think. But this time, I do have posts about Spain and something else scheduled. Adios! And Happy Belated Fourth of July!


  1. Happy 4th! Isn't America awesome? Although in my opinion, it's quickly careening downhill... still, it's better than any other country ;)

  2. loving the third and fourth photos! so cool.

  3. happy fourth of July! I love ol' America, even if it's morals and economy are declining rapidly. agreeing with Jessica - it's still better than any other country. ;]

  4. HEYISAWYOUATTHEPARADE :) hope you had a nice fourth!


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