Sunday, March 25, 2012


I like to photograph people, but a lot of times it's hard to get them to work with you. They shy away from the camera, or make faces, or look too posed. This is why I like to photograph strangers. Just ordinary people you see in public places, at a park or museum or on the street. It's not being a stalker; it's witnessing life and wanting to capture it. They're most natural when they don't notice you, and though you may not know their story, you get to glimpse just a minute of it.

If they don't catch you, it's easy to snap as many pictures as you want. And if they do catch you, you can simply slip away into the crowd with the comforting knowledge that you will most likely never see them again. You get to be there for just a moment of their life, and then they're gone. (Like ships passing in the night...)

Strangers intrigue me. There are some people I've seen once and still wonder about.

I wish I had taken their picture.

(These are all from California a few weeks ago.)


  1. I love strangers.
    And I also love how you captured small pieces of their life and from that, there is a story that we can build up and a person we can imagine. And it might never be true, but to me it will be.

  2. These pictures are all amazing- the last one is adorable! I love taking pictures of strangers too, or sometimes me and a friend will go out, grab some ice cream, and people watch! It sounds creepy but it's really fun :D

  3. Aww, the cute little hugging kids are so adorable! I love stranger pictures, too :)

  4. oh gosh. the last one.
    and for the record, i think the exact. same. way. i love you, girlie!
    -jocee <3

  5. these are all really good. i'm intrigued by the whole idea.

  6. so you've inspired me. gosh. these photos say so much, and yet i don't even know the stories behind them. amazing. hopefully i'll find the courage to capture some unfamiliar faces sometime. xx

  7. I usually don't have enough courage to photograph strangers...I'll need to give it a try sometime soon. Your photos are beautiful.

  8. A single square. Imagining that someone's life is a patchwork quilt, you have captured, cut out quite neatly one of the prettiest squares from this quilt. As Kimberly says, I wouldn't have the courage to do so.

  9. Like ships passing in the night, exactly. I love the first one, it's like picture-taking inception.

  10. I love this concept. I think it really represents what photography is all about - capturing a moment in time. Loved the pics Kendall.


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